A hands-on approach for getting started with Go generics.

Go Generics the Hard Way

This repository is a hands-on approach for getting started with Go generics:

  1. Prerequisites: how to install the prerequisites required to run the examples in this repository
  2. Hello world: a simple example using generics
  3. Delving deeper: looking at a binary compiled from generic code
  4. Benchmarks: basic benchmarks for common patterns using generics
  5. Lessons learned: various lessons learned while exploring generics
  6. In the wild: a living list of projects/patches in the wild using generics
Andrew Kutz
A father, husband, friend, son, and VMware engineer.
Andrew Kutz
  • Fix a misleading point in the guide with generic type aliases for functions

    Fix a misleading point in the guide with generic type aliases for functions

    There's nothing really blocking type aliases for functions for being generic themselves, and the alternative (the right way, probably) to do this was never presented in the guide.

    I've fixed 03-getting-started/-9multiple-generic-types.md, but not the rest. You have permission to edit this PR, so feel free to take over from here!

  • Inconsistent syntax?

    Inconsistent syntax?

    As a middle aged hobby coder just starting out with Go I appreciate the simple and straight forward syntax (I’m middle management by day .. and I get the tingling feeling there’s a joke in there somewhere😄). I also enjoy to read the (so far) consistent reasoning of the maintainers for choices made.

    Do you have any idea why this (https://github.com/akutz/go-generics-the-hard-way/blob/490784b7d7c082ea84ddeadefcb02c9b03ff7a5a/03-getting-started/03-constraints.md) logical OR in the generic constraints wasn’t two pipes too? Or is the subtle difference that this generic constraint statement doesn’t actually “result” in a Boolean value or something? Something like why variable assignment and function parameters (signature) have the type the other way around.

    I love stuff like this, partly, I’m sure, because if it makes logical sense it sticks too. Not really an issue with this repo of course (which was timely, complete and well thought out!).

  • function types cannot be generic?

    function types cannot be generic?

    I am reading this chapter: https://github.com/akutz/go-generics-the-hard-way/blob/main/03-getting-started/09-multiple-generic-types.md

    This chapter mentioned that function types cannot be generic. But why is it designed like this? The reason I can think of is that go language is worried about generic nesting, which affects the compilation speed? Or is there another reason

  • Update FAQ

    Update FAQ

    Thank you for your great hands-on!

    I think we can update FAQ about “How are you using generics in the Go playground?”. On the Go playground, we can select runtime environment the "release" or the "dev branch" now. Therefore we can run codes with generics on the Go playground.

    An example link is below: https://go.dev/play/p/kg938K7hORf?v=gotip image

  • Fix other typos in multiple generic types section

    Fix other typos in multiple generic types section

    The PR fixes the typo constriant -> constraint in Multiple generic types section under Getting Started. Besides, it removes a trailing whitespace that I wrongly added in #21 :sweat_smile:

  • fix(documentation)


    Hej Andrew, First of all, thanks for creating this beautiful learning material for everyone.

    I just recognized that the example code needs a fix. You referred to the directory 04-benchmark, but it is actually 06-benchmark.


  • Reword expression in `06-careful-constructors`?

    Reword expression in `06-careful-constructors`?

    Would you agree that this should be reworded from address to a ... to pointer to a ...? I was expecting to see the address when reading this line whereas the code example and point you make is about a pointer type.


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