WebTransport implementation based on quic-go (https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-webtrans-http3/)


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webtransport-go is an implementation of the WebTransport protocol, based on quic-go. It currently implements draft-02 of the specification.

Running a Server

// create a new webtransport.Server, listening on (UDP) port 443
s := webtransport.Server{
    H3: http3.Server{Addr: ":443"},

// Create a new HTTP endpoint /webtransport.
http.HandleFunc("/webtransport", func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
    conn, err := s.Upgrade(w, r)
    if err != nil {
        log.Printf("upgrading failed: %s", err)
    // Handle the connection. Here goes the application logic. 
    // Once this function returns, the WebTransport connection is closed.
    // If the connection is handled async, it is possible to block until it closed
    // by using the connection's context: <-conn.Context().Done().

s.ListenAndServeTLS(certFile, keyFile)

Now that the server is running, Chrome can be used to establish a new WebTransport session as described in this tutorial.

Running a Client

var d webtransport.Dialer
rsp, conn, err := d.Dial(ctx, "https://example.com/webtransport", nil)
// err is only nil if rsp.StatusCode is a 2xx
// Handle the connection. Here goes the application logic.
Marten Seemann
libp2p maintainer
Marten Seemann
  • feat: Implement datagram send/receive support

    feat: Implement datagram send/receive support

    Only thing it required that I'm "eh" about is the cast to quic.Connection. Maybe we are missing some interface surface in quic-go that should be added?

  • webtransport.Stream implementing net.Conn

    webtransport.Stream implementing net.Conn



    Thank you for a great library. I have started implementing a layer on top of webtransport-go (when HTTP/3 connectivity is available on the network) with a fallback to yamux over HTTP/1.1 upgraded connections (when HTTP/3 fails to connect).


    yamux multiplexed streams implement net.Conn. webtransport.Stream almost implements net.Conn - it is missing LocalAddr() net.Addr and RemoteAddr() net.Addr. These could be implemented by just returning the values of the underlying webtransport.Session. This would be valuable to me as then I can have a wrapper that returns net.Conn in either scenario.

    Do you see any reason why this would be undesirable? Was not implementing these methods intentional, or just a use case that had yet to be considered?

  • Media streaming problem

    Media streaming problem

    In the uniStream, io.ReadAll for receiving each video frames always causes "deadline exceeded" error. How can i receive the frames simply without collecting partial packets? This is the case that client and server are coded in golang.

  • flaky TestStreamsImmediateReset

    flaky TestStreamsImmediateReset

    === RUN   TestStreamsImmediateReset
            	Error Trace:	webtransport_test.go:257
            	Error:      	Received unexpected error:
            	            	Application error 0x105: received HTTP/3 frame on bidirectional stream
            	Test:       	TestStreamsImmediateReset
    --- FAIL: TestStreamsImmediateReset (0.01s)
  • Goroutine Leak monitoring request

    Goroutine Leak monitoring request

    I am experimenting with the codebase and I noticed goroutine leak regarding a goroutine quic-go http3/client.go monitoring the request after it was hijacked.

    func (c *client) RoundTrip(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error) {
    	// Request Cancellation:
    	// This go routine keeps running even after RoundTrip() returns.
    	// It is shut down when the application is done processing the body.
    	reqDone := make(chan struct{})
    	go func() {
    		select {
    		case <-req.Context().Done():
    		case <-reqDone:

    I got around this by making the context sent to Dial canceled-able and cleaning it up.

  • Support a transport listener interface

    Support a transport listener interface

    It would be interesting for this module to just return the listener and its connection to the application and let the application to have the fun, can we?

    type interface TransportListener
      func Listen() (net.Listener, error)
  • Typescript bindings for webtransport

    Typescript bindings for webtransport

    I realize this is all about golang, but connecting from the browser in typescript projects would be nice. Anybody got ideas? Next time I'll post questions like this in discussions, once they are enabled.

  • flaky TestOpenStreamSyncShutdown/bidirectional_streams

    flaky TestOpenStreamSyncShutdown/bidirectional_streams

    === RUN   TestOpenStreamSyncShutdown/bidirectional_streams
            	Error Trace:	/home/runner/work/webtransport-go/webtransport-go/webtransport_test.go:433
            	Error:      	Should be in error chain:
            	            	expected: %!q(**webtransport.ConnectionError=0xc0000102b0)
            	            	in chain: 
            	Test:       	TestOpenStreamSyncShutdown/bidirectional_streams
    === RUN   TestOpenStreamSyncShutdown/unidirectional_streams
    --- FAIL: TestOpenStreamSyncShutdown (0.23s)
        --- FAIL: TestOpenStreamSyncShutdown/bidirectional_streams (0.12s)
        --- PASS: TestOpenStreamSyncShutdown/unidirectional_streams (0.12s)
  • flaky TestBidirectionalStreamsDataTransfer/server-initiated test

    flaky TestBidirectionalStreamsDataTransfer/server-initiated test

    === RUN   TestBidirectionalStreamsDataTransfer/server-initiated
            	Error Trace:	/Users/runner/work/webtransport-go/webtransport-go/webtransport_test.go:88
            	Error:      	Received unexpected error:
            	            	timeout: no recent network activity
            	Test:       	TestBidirectionalStreamsDataTransfer/server-initiated
    --- FAIL: TestBidirectionalStreamsDataTransfer (5.06s)
        --- PASS: TestBidirectionalStreamsDataTransfer/client-initiated (0.01s)
        --- FAIL: TestBidirectionalStreamsDataTransfer/server-initiated (5.06s)
  • WebTransport Datagrams

    WebTransport Datagrams

    There are "datagrams" in webtransport:


    But I can't find implementation of this in webtransport-go. Is it a feature that haven't implemented, or I have missed something?


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